To satisfy on-going customer demands, changing reading habits and to serve readers on a multitude of platforms, Irish publishers continue to invest in new technologies and innovative delivery methods whilst maintaining investment in quality content.  Meanwhile, as with publishers across the world, they are working to develop paid-for offers in the digital environment

At a time when the Internet is too often characterised by free, unauthorised content, it is more important than ever that effective copyright protection and enforcement exists to allow publishers to continue to invest in providing professional news content on all platforms.

NewsBrands Ireland welcomes the adoption of the EU Copyright Directive, which modernises copyright law without stifling innovation.   This copyright reform is crucial for the future of press publishing, professional journalism and a healthy, independent press sector.

The EU Copyright Directive should be transposed into Irish law as soon as possible (deadline is June 2021) to provide a legal basis for publishers to negotiate payment for the use of their content by platforms.

Ireland needs to take a lead in Europe to address the imbalance of power between news publishers and platforms and ensurethat the significant investment made by news publishers in public service content is protected.