Journalism Matters

Strong, Independent Journalism Matters

The trusted journalism produced by professional news publishers holds truth to power and helps us understand what is going on around us. It connects communities and is central to a free and democratic society. Its investigations and reporting feed the wider news eco- system with much of national and local radio relying on newspaper print and online journalism for their broadcast content.

Good journalism highlights wrongdoing and reveals corruption; it asks the awkward questions that need to be asked of powerful people and institutions to hold them to account for the greater good. And, of course, it elevates and celebrates our cultural creativity and the essential essence of sport.

But the future of Irish journalism, and indeed global news journalism, is under growing threat. As we have witnessed in other countries, without credible sources of news, where information is factual, accurate and politically impartial, public trust and democracy itself are undermined.

Support Journalism. It’s vital for democracy.

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Caitriona Morrissey, Irish Farmers Journal

Ciara Leahy, Irish Mirror

Craig Hughes, Irish Daily Mail & Irish Mail on Sunday

Jennifer O' Connell, The Irish Times

Justine McCarthy, The Sunday Times

Liz Dunphy, Irish Examiner

Paul Healy, Irish Daily Star

Peter O' Dwyer, Business Post

Stephen Breen, The Irish Sun

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