New marketing campaign unveiled by The Irish Sun for World Cup 2022

The Irish Sun has unveiled a new multi-channel campaign ahead of the World Cup 2022. The campaign will run across TV, Radio, Digital Audio and YouTube for a four-week period kicking off on Saturday 19th November.

The campaign, entitled “Light up your World Cup. It’s time” highlights a variety of bright and positive interactions between a family after reading and sharing articles relating to the World Cup on Each interaction features a ‘golden glow’ moment thanks to a story on, linking back to the name of the campaign “Light up your World Cup. It’s time.”

Running from 19th November, the 30 second radio adverts will air across RTE 1, RTE 2FM, RTE Lyric FM, Today FM, Newstalk, Urban Media, TalkSport and digital audio until 3rd of Dec. The radio activity will be supported by a 30 second TV advert which will run on RTE2 and the RTE Player from 21st November to the 5th December and again on the 17th December. The campaign will also be supported by 15 and 30 second ads on YouTube across the four week period.

A free Wall Chart pull-out will be available with all copies of The Irish Sun on Saturday, 19th November. The Irish Sun will also be promoting The Sun’s free ‘Goals’ pull-out with all the World Cup match previews and analysis every day of the tournament.

Watch the ad here:

Richard Bogie, Managing Director at News Ireland, publisher of The Irish Sun and The, says: “We’re delighted to unveil this campaign to remind readers of those moments of joy and laughter you can experience with friends and family from an article or catching up on the news, particularly when it comes to sport. Sporting events give families a reason to catch up and experience those glowing, exciting moments together. We wanted this campaign to reflect those times and give people a reason to look forward to the World Cup this year.”