Key take-aways from Sky Ireland case study at NewsBrands Ireland ‘Engage’ event 2023

Melissa Byrne, Head of Media at Sky Ireland spoke about how Sky use various newsbrands as part of their marketing campaigns.

Melissa spent over 8 years in media agencies before moving client side four years ago, where she now leads the media team within Sky Irelands Marketing function. Melissa and her team are responsible for the media strategy and planning for the full Sky product portfolio, including the most recent launch of Sky Glass.

Presentation Highlights:

Reach: News publishers allow Sky to reach a huge number of people every single day, ensuring campaigns have maximum opportunity to be seen. Not only can we go mass reach, but the variety of audiences & targeting capabilities available to us is huge, so we can also delve down and go extremely niche and targeted with audiences too.

For example, if we look at Sky Sports – not all sports audiences are the same – so a Formula 1 audience may differ to a premier league audience or golf – but news media allows us to really segment audiences and target the key cohorts we need to.

Multi-platform – The ever- expanding world of news media is very exciting – no longer are we just looking at print and digital, but the ways we can reach consumers through news is constantly evolving. From podcasts, to social, to YouTube channels, it’s a space that is constantly growing and giving brands more and more opportunities.

Collaboration:  There are so many great opportunities within news media to drive cut through and engagement so always think outside the box. Collaborate directly with the news publishers. We’ve found this has been crucial at Sky, we do our best work when we collaborate directly with the publishers along with our agency.

Trust: One of the biggest draws of news media is the trusted, credible voices. People time and time again will return to trusted credible media for their news, and with this trust comes high dwell time.

Dwell-time: Sky have been studying attention in media for the past few months with a company called Adelaide and we’re finding that trusted news sites, with high dwell time, also have high advertising attention metrics – meaning people are actually paying more attention to our ads on these sites than other websites. This is game changing for brands and we’re finding it is giving us the opportunity to optimise our campaign towards higher dwell time / attention sites – driving better campaign performance.

Measurability: This is another key element for us. Not only can the digital activity be tracked and optimised in real time, but you can also carry out research with the various news publishers – either in house or third party. We’ve use DMG Media’s reader panel, RAM measurement, and opinions to measure the impact of our activity. We also track the effectiveness of print in our econometrics studies.