The value of quality Newsworks & GroupM

In a partnership between GroupM UK, Newsworks and all of our national newsbrand stakeholders, GroupM analysed 84 live campaigns between September 2017 and June 2018, working with Meetrics and Cint. The results demonstrate that an exposure to advertising in a quality environment drives greater engagement, better brand response and is more cost effective than the same advertising on the run of the internet.

This is a large scale and incredibly ambitious effectiveness study, combining behavioural advertising metrics with brand effectiveness measures to assess how advertising works on quality content sites versus the run of the internet. Across the 84 campaigns, 398 million impressions were delivered and 28,549 high quality survey responses achieved.

The results show that that advertising in quality environments, such as on newsbrand sites, drives greater engagement, significantly higher than any industry standards:

  • 14% more likely to be measurable
  • 42% more likely to be 100% in view
  • 58% more likely to be 100% in view for at least 5 seconds
  • 83% more likely to be 80% in view for at least 30 seconds
  • 98% more likely to be placed fully above the fold
  • 165% more likely to be scrolled fully into view if placed below the fold
  • 273% more likely to elicit a user hover

And this engagement drives better uplifts in brand responses:

  • +10.5% brand awareness
  • +19.2% ad recall
  • +9.7% positive brand perception
  • +10.3% recommendation intent

Ultimately, these responses result in more cost effectiveness for advertisers. While the run of the internet may deliver lots of low-cost impressions, they are not resulting in the same level of responses as the quality environment. In fact, the study found that 48% of measurable ads on the open exchange were never actually seen. Rather than a cost per impression, we should instead be looking at a cost per quality impression. Using this measure reveals that advertising in a quality environment is 42% more cost effective than on the run of the internet.

Watch Robin O’Neill, GroupM UK’s MD of digital trading, present the results at the 2018 Effectiveness Summit and see his deck below: