The Irish Times “Real News” campaign

The Irish Times has moved to reinforce its position as Ireland’s most trusted publisher by running their “Real News” campaign that focuses on the paper’s trust and values.

The campaign has a digital and mobile focus and includes a strong call to action for digital subscriptions across web, email, programmatic and social media. The campaign also includes key urban outdoor sites and a commuter media buy across the Luas, DART, and Dublin Bus targeting consumers during their commute, as well as including a window wrap on The Irish Times building on Tara Street.

As part of a wider trade communications strategy, The Irish Times has also made wide reaching efforts to educate, inform and reinforce with the industry the importance of advertising within trusted environments, on trusted platforms, and with trusted audiences.

According to Laughlin Rigby, Head of Marketing at The Irish Times: “The “Real News” campaign is rooted in the principles of the Irish Times Trust and is a response to the growing disillusionment among the public with the unreliable sources of news surfacing across the web and on social media.  The campaign subtly highlights the unique makeup of The Irish Times with our independent editorial structure which is free from commercial and other sectional interests.  It also speaks to a core principle of the Trust that news shall be as accurate and as comprehensive as is practicable.”