The Irish Examiner to publish War of Independence series

The Irish Examiner will bring the War of Independence vividly back to life in a new in-depth series in print and online which will be published on January 2nd 2021.

Built around the centenary of the Burning of Cork in 1920, the Examiner’s latest series of special reports recounts in detail some of the darkest as well as some of the most inspiring moments in Irish history.

The reports make extensive use of the Irish Examiner’s newspaper news and photo archives. Reader can read historic first-hand witness accounts along with thought-provoking analysis from some of Ireland’s leading historians. This current series follows the special publications covering the histories of Tómas MacCurtain and the War of Independence in March, as well as the Bloody Sunday special in November. Historians are already applauding the depth and quality of December’s Burning of Cork series of special reports, and looking forward to the upcoming War of Independence special, to be published on January  2, 2021.

The War of Independence series will be housed online under a special #Trending topic on homepage,  enhanced with additional multimedia elements including a visually stunningly designed series of long-reads that walk you through the timeline of the unfolding historic events, a four-part dedicated podcast series with Mick Clifford, archive photo galleries, witness statements and extracts from the Cork Examiner from this period.

1920 was a defining year for Ireland and particularly Cork, with dramatic changes to its political and geographical landscape; a year that saw the deaths of two Cork Lord Mayors, transformed from a city at peace to a city at war. The Examiner’s comprehensive programme also includes a limited edition book ‘Witness to Murder’ which gives the definitive account of one of the most infamous chapters in the history of the State – the murder of Tómas MacCurtain, Cork City Lord Mayor.


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