Sunday World use TV & digital to drive awareness & traffic to their website

The ICAD award winning Sunday World brand campaign, ‘If it’s Going On, It’s Going Online’ is back with the second phase of the campaign to drive awareness and traffic to their website.

The campaign aim is to showcase that exists to allow the voice and journalism of SundayWorld to be heard throughout the week, with daily up-to-the-minute breaking stories and entertainment from the same team who lead the Sunday newspaper.

The visual approach brings the never-ending headline to life with viewers seeing the text scrolling across the screen. As each linked word appears, a corresponding photo or video appears to add drama to the link and to show the range of stories Sunday World covers.

The highly targeted campaign will run across TV, VOD & social with a separate creative running in ROI & NI. A TV-centric approach was applied to allow Sunday World to deliver the reach & impact needed from the campaign. VOD & social was selected as it allowed for increased targeting to drive further traffic to the website. A series of print ads are also running as part of the campaign and are updated to include current headlines from the paper increasing the topicality of the campaign.

TV Campaign can be found here: