Record circulation growth drives Irish Farmers Journal to publish daily

Over the last four months, the Irish Farmers Journal has experienced sustained circulation sales growth not witnessed before in the history of the publication. Paid circulation sales of the Irish Farmers Journal were up 17% on average year on year in June (read an interview with Justin McCarthy, Editor & CEO here: This appetite for its content accelerated the idea of launching a new daily edition for its readers.

The daily edition is designed to reward loyal print readers, where upon texting a unique code from inside the paper, they will be sent a text message with a link to the daily edition. Whether readers want to read, watch or listen, it curates the most important farming news, analysis and farm management advice that they need to know, daily. As well having the most important news distilled into a 10-minute read, it also offers readers enhanced multimedia features in the form of videos, podcasts, interactive graphs and tables. 

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