Irish Examiner launches new parenting section, ieParenting

Like proud parents, the Irish Examiner is delighted to announce the arrival of ieParenting, part of the Irish Examiner’s community of lifestyle verticals including ieStyle, ieFood & ieHome.

The new ieParenting section will feature leading experts GP Phil Kieran, dietitian Aoife Hearne, and child psychotherapists Colman Noctor and Joanna Fortune who will answer readers’ critical questions based on their experience and up-to-date research.

According to ieParenting Editor, Irene Feighan ‘Though I was months shy of my 40th birthday when my first child arrived and had read every baby book and article I could find, I was taken aback by the enormity of the responsibility. A pint-sized human, who I loved with a ferocity that surprised me, depended on me for his every physical and emotional need. I wanted to ensure I followed the latest research and advice on raising children. Looking online, I found it was often difficult to work out who or what to trust – a concern shared by many parents who have spoken to me.’

Other writers include Helen O’Callaghan, who explores the latest parenting developments and issues. Journalist Jen Stevens checks out the best educational toys and offers for budget-conscious families while keeping an eye on Instagram celebrity parents. And comedian Julie Jay tells us like it is – the laughter and tears that come with raising a non-stop two-year-old.

Just like it takes a village to raise a child, it has taken a ‘village’ of dedicated colleagues to develop this new section which promises to support parents at every stage, from new-borns to teenagers as well as providing a relevant & trusted platform for client campaigns aimed at informing this key audience group. 

The section lives online & in print – visit & a dedicated double page spread every Tuesday in the Irish Examiner.