Here are the most-read stories online from Irish news publishers in 2018

This year’s most-read stories online from NewsBrands Ireland news publishers range from human interest stories concerning cervical cancer victims, to the fallout from Storm Emma, to political scandals, sport and showbiz news, and a masterful opinion piece on the US president.’s most read story of the year concerned new drink driving legislation which was announced in July. The story can be read here 

Fintan O’ Toole’s Irish Times article, ‘Trial Runs for Fascism are in Full Flow’, struck a chord with readers around the world with his opinion piece on President Donald Trump. It has been the most read Irish Times editorial ever. Read more  

Rugby player Donncha O’ Callaghan’s retirement announcement was the most read article on the The Times, Irish Edition: Read more 

The Sunday Times’ Cervical cancer scandal story, ‘Bereaved husband: “HSE phone call was devastating”, was their most read article in 2019. Read More 

The Irish Daily Star’s website’s most read article concerned Megan and Harry’s Dublin visit, showing the appetite for royal visits in Ireland shows no signs of abating – Read more  

The report that Minister Shane Ross had given private school Wesley College a major sports grant was the most read article on the Sunday Business Post online edition. Read it here 

The Irish Examiner’s report into a Cork teen’s tragic snow accident during Storm Emma in March was their most read article.  Read more 

The news that abody had been found in the search for missing Carrick-on-Suir teenager Elisha Gault was the most read article on

DMG Media’s and’s most read article concerning the glitz and glamour of the GAA All Star Sports Awards. Read it here 

The tragic news concerning the untimely death of Cranberries’ singer Dolores O’ Riordan was The Irish Sun’s most read article online. Read it here

The Irish Farmers Journal award winning ‘Save Our Suckers’ campaign garnered Ireland’s top agri-website their most traffic. Read it here