“Content May Be King, but Context is Queen” – a joint event between NewsBrands Ireland and Core

On Thursday, 27th of February 2020, NewsBrands Ireland will hold a joint event with Core entitled “Content May be King, but Context is Queen“, designed to give agency planners and advertisers some fresh insights on the value of news publishers both in terms of content creation, audience engagement, and opportunities for brands.

The event will feature a stimulating panel discussion chaired by media expert Peter McPartlin with:

Roisin Ingle, The Irish Times Features Writer and co-producer of The Women’s Podcast

Mark Tighe, News Reporter with The Sunday Times and current NewsBrands Ireland National Journalist of the Year

Kevin Doyle, Head of News with Independent News & Media and current NewsBrands Ireland Political Journalist of the Year

Fiona Field, Deputy Managing Director with MediaWorks

Karen Price, Creative Director, News Ireland

Doug Farrell, Head of Digital Strategy, DMG Media

Great stories, well-told, have always moved people. But we are now in a time of ‘peak content’ and the context of how audiences learn about, access, and make choices is now just as important as the content they consume.Smart media owners, platforms, and brands realise that winning the war for audiences requires understanding and taking advantage of the context in which media choices are made.

NewsBrands Ireland members have had a relationship with Irish audiences in all their forms for generations and innately understand what engages, excites or entertains them. Digital technology has now layered on an understanding of what works in a contextual way too.

Over 90 minutes, the audience will hear how the best and brightest journalists in the country go about bringing stories, often ones which vested interests would rather bury, to life. How the nature of news gathering has changed and the resources that are needed to support quality journalism in an age when the lines between truth and lies are becoming more blurred. You will also hear from a range of commercial representatives  on how brands can tap into the new environments that publishers have created to engage audiences – from digital to content creation and from video to audio.

This should make for an interesting and stimulating event which will enable agency planners to see Irish news publishers in a new light and provoke interesting opportunities for clients.