Call This Out campaign relaunched by The Irish Sun

Campaign urging readers to call out any situations making women feel uncomfortable or endangered  

The Irish Sun is relaunching the ‘Call This Out’ Campaign in paper and online, calling for an end to any behaviour which can contribute to a culture of fear or harassment against women. 

The Irish Sun, together with Wireless Ireland radio stations, unveiled the campaign last year after a number of shocking deaths as a result of violence against women, which left the nation in disbelief and many women in shock and fear of going about their daily lives. 17 women lost their lives in violent attacks in the last year and The Irish Sun is urging everyone, men and women, young and old, to call out any situation that makes any woman feel uncomfortable, disrespected, threatened or even endangered.

The Irish Sun will run a series of features to support the campaign and allow those who have been directly affected by violence against women to speak out and share their experiences.

The Irish Sun and Wireless Ireland is urging everyone to ‘Call This Out,’ whether it is a sexist joke, a comment on a woman’s image, a lewd look or anything that causes concern for a woman’s safety. The ‘Call This Out Campaign’ encourages everyone to work together and make meaningful change by standing up and calling out everything from inappropriate behaviour to violence against women in Ireland.

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