Art Flourishes in Spite of Adversity – NewsBrands Ireland partners with the Arts Council on new campaign

NewBrands Ireland Performing For the Arts

NewsBrands Ireland has partnered with the Arts Council on a new campaign ‘Arts Flourish In Spite of Adversity’. Developed by the creative agency Bloom, the campaign is designed to encourage a re-engagement with the arts as we emerge from the pandemic.

Speaking about their partnership with the Arts Council, NewsBrands Ireland’s CEO, Ann Marie Lenihan, said:

“We are delighted to support the Arts Council in this exciting campaign through our print and digital news platforms. Our member news publishers collectively reach 2.8 million engaged readers every week, providing the perfect medium for reaching arts lovers. Culture, arts, and entertainment journalism is at the heart of what news publishers do and is often the first port of call for people seeking credible information about the arts.” 

“The arts sector has had a tough pandemic with most venues shuttered, live performances cancelled and many performers out of work. The live, in-person experience is at the heart of what many of arts organisations offer so this virus was particularly cruel in that respect” says Maureen Kennelly, Director of the Arts Council “but now that the vaccination programme is rolling out and activity in the arts sector is starting to crank up, we want to encourage a re-engagement with the many arts lovers and fans around the country. We wanted to use this campaign to boost the promotional activities of our many client organisations. This partnership with NewsBrands Ireland was the ideal opportunity”.

“The artistic spirit and the fact that it often flourishes in spite of adversity was what inspired this campaign” says David Quinn, Managing Partner of Bloom. “The campaign draws on examples of artists from the past who created great works in spite of or as a reaction to adversity. For example, Shakespeare’s theatre was shut on several occasions due to the plague. We are now emerging from a time of adversity so hopefully we are in for a great flourishing of the arts. That’s something to look forward to.”

The campaign is a cross-platform collaboration and showcases all the various channels and the power of national print and digital newsbrands. It will run until the middle of September.