5 minutes with… Jana Solovjova, Marketing Manager, Peugeot Ireland

A new series of interviews with leading lights in the media and marketing world. For the first in the series, we are delighted to chat with Jana Solovjova, Marketing Manager at Gowan Distributors, PEUGEOT Importer in Ireland. She is responsible with overseeing the national marketing and communications strategy to ensure the PEUGEOT brand continues its strategic growth path.

How have you been adapting your marketing activities during the COVID-19 outbreak?

The importance digital channels play in the automotive industry has been recognised for quite some time now, however the pandemic presented us with an opportunity to really dial up our digital investment. We already know that approximately 95% of vehicle buyers use digital as a source of information, and on average a customer now visits just 1.2 dealerships before purchase. It is worth noting that while the research is completed online, traditionally all sales have been conducted within the physical dealership.

So, during the pandemic, while customers couldn’t visit the dealerships our dealer network engaged with them virtually: product presentations were held though video, online customer support chat was rolled out, virtual car appraisals, click and deliver and buying online tools were adopted. This ensured customers had a seamless buying journey that is as close as possible to what they are familiar with, with the guidance, knowledge and support of the sales teams, albeit online.

Favourite/most effective way of newsbrands advertising?

Content partnerships in my opinion are a very effective way of advertising with newsbrands. In 2021, Peugeot ran some excellent campaigns with The Irish Times, Irish Independent, and Business Post. Each media partner has been very creative in coming up with ideas to showcase the latest Peugeot vehicles to our target audience, through use of video, interactive articles, display advertising andsponsored content.  Partnerships with trusted media brands are a sure way of extending the reach of our above the line campaigns.

What’s exciting you about the motoring industry right now?

By far the most exciting thing happening in the automotive industry at the moment is electrification. 2021 sales of low emission vehicles in Ireland are up 106% on the previous year. In 2018, 7% of vehicles sold in Ireland were either hybrid or electric, last year this figure was an astonishing 34%. This clearly demonstrates commitment and investment from car manufacturers in developing electrified powertrains as well as the consumers interest in making a more sustainable choice.

At Peugeot, electrification is the heart of our strategy. Our first electric vehicle, the e-208 was launched in 2019, by the end of 2021 our vehicle range was 70% electric and by 2025 the target is 100%.

First part of the newspaper/news website you turn to?

On weekdays, I head straight to current affairs headlines to keep up on what is happening in the world. On weekends, I take a little more time to read through the lifestyle sections. I’ve always had an interest in interior design, so on a Sunday you are guaranteed to find me reading through the home and property sections with a nice cup of coffee!

Any interesting new innovations at Peugeot that you can tell us about?

We recently rolled out an app for Peugeot owners called MyPEUGEOT. A phone application that once downloaded, allows the driver to stay connected to their vehicle at all times. It has some excellent features, including an option to schedule air con or heating to automatically come on in the car at a specified time and day (no more de-icing the windscreen!), program the vehicle to charge at favourable electricity tariffs, receive servicing reminders, locate their car in a busy carpark, upgrade their mapping software over WiFi and much more. Technology like this really showcases how our cars are becoming increasingly connected.  

Tell us about a campaign or brand that’s inspiring you?

The current World’s Strongest Women TV campaign by Allianz Insurance in support of Women’s Aid is absolutely fantastic. This campaign pays a tribute to courageous women living with domestic violence, and encourages women across Ireland to reach out for help and support. Understandably not an easy topic to approach, but I think the campaign idea and creative do an excellent job.