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Circulation (Jan – June 2016): 77,395
Readership (JNRS 2014/2015): 340,000 (printed only); 367,000 (print & online)


News Ireland
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Dublin 2

Tel: 01 479 2555
Fax: 01 479 2554


David Monaghan, Advertising Director, Email:

Ciaran Flynn, Production Manager, Tel: 01 479 2566

Melissa O’ Neill, Tel: 01 479 2544

Fax: 01 479 2567

ISDN: + 353 (0)1 475 1577

Mechanical Data:

Broadsheet sections: Main news, Business, Money (& appointments), Sport, News Review
Page Type Area: 540 x 343 mm
Double Page Spread (Full): 540 x 711 mm
Double Page Spread (Split): 540 x 355 mm
1/2 Page (Horizontal): 270 x 343 mm
1/2 Page (Vertical): 540 x 169 mm
1/4 Page: 270 x 169 mm

Travel, InGear & Home Sections:
Page Type Area: 338mm x 264mm
1/2 Page Horizontal: 169mm x 264mm          1/2 Page Vertical: 338 x 130mm
1/4 Page: 169 x 130mm

Copy Supply Guidelines – Dublin Please see for further details

These guidelines are for NEWSPAPER TITLES ONLY.
All magazine copy for CULTURE, SUNDAY TIMES MAGAZINE and STYLE must be supplied through Quickcut or Typeform

Preferred option:  Quickcut

Client has access to NI mechanical specification.  Ad is guaranteed to be correct size and specification (minimum font sizes, line width, max ink coverage, no spot colour etc.) Colour ads are checked against NI print requirements.  Copy should be correct specification, although a visual check is still required (too dark, too light? Etc).  All fonts are embedded.  Quickcut software and transmission costs met by client.

Second option:  Typeform

Copy is guaranteed to be correct specification with contract proof available if required. Typeform service charge to client.

Third option:  PDF via email or ISDN

Client should use correct profiles. To find our profiles log on and down load profiles. It will also give you a guideline on how to down load them into your system. However, we will convert ALL files to our profile unless the customer has definitely used our profile and requested we do not convert.  There may be a slight colour shift and the client must be made aware of this.

Client must embed fonts when mailing the PDF and supply a fax proof PDF files which cannot be automatically processed (e.g. for missing fonts) will be refused.  Cheap method but carries no guarantees – client has responsibility for quality. All files must be supplied CMYK and no spot colour to be used When adverts come in as pdf’s make sure that the ad size is the same size as the Document. We do not except pdf’s with crop marks, registration marks or white space around the advert.

Forth option: ‘Open’ files via email or ISDN

Client sends Quark Xpress document plus graphics (as EPS, JPEG or TIFF)  Client must supply a fax proof.  We will substitute nearest NI fonts to try and match fax copy.  No guarantee of an exact match.  We will ensure correct specification.  Limited service.  There are only 3 staff and these jobs are time-consuming – deadlines must be considered.


When you download profiles you must insert them into your hard drive.
Profiles go:        Hard drive – system folder – colorsync profile
Settings go:       Hard drive – System folder – Application support – Adobe Color – settings.

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