See where newsbrands can take you at our Town Hall event

Smock Alley, 6-7 Exchange St Lower

Thursday, 21 June 2018, 5.30-8.30pm

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We know that you’re busy. Too busy. We know that you don’t have enough time to do everything that you need to get done in a day. Let’s face it, you need a holiday.

We have the perfect solution to all of these problems. Instead of nine meetings with nine incredible news publishers, join us at our Town Hall meeting in Smock Alley on Thursday, June 21st from 5.30pm to 8.30pm, and meet all of our members in one place, at one time. While you’re there, getting a complete overview of the NewsBrands media landscape and cutting the best deal in the land, we’ll wine and dine you. We’ll also give you a chance to win a luxury holiday.

Sound like the kind of awesome event that you’d be into? Yes, we thought so.

How does it work?
Each of our NewsBrands will have their own stand where they’ll showcase all of their products, from newspapers and magazines to websites. You can meet representatives from each of the publishers who will be able to tell you how they can help your campaign to cut through the noise, beat off the competition and be really effective. 

And there was talk of a holiday… ?
If you want to pack your bags, grab your boarding pass and head off on a luxury holiday all you’ll have to do is collect a stamp from each of our publisher’s stands and leave your completed entry card at the NewsBrands stand. The winner will be announced at the event so make sure that your passport is up to date!

 Winner of NewsBrands Media Planning Competition  
And finally, we’ll also be announcing the winning team from our recent Power of Press Media Planning competition.


See you there! 

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