RAMetrics – benchmarking news brand ad performance

Have you ever wondered how image-based ads perform differently to price-based ads? Whether ads on right hand pages beat ads on left hand pages? Or how digital news brand ads compare to print ads?

Do you need proof that bigger ads score better with consumers than smaller sizes? Or are you planning a strategy based on specific days of the week and want to know what benchmarks you should assess the campaign against?

Well, we can help.

Newsworks has partnered with RAMetrics, which tests hundreds of ads and articles a year across multiple measures, to provide a series of benchmarks that help you understand how news brand ads are likely to perform. In each case, we can look at the latest statistics so your info is bang up to date. We will also take a look at how some measures have changed over time – we know, for example, that both print and digital news brand advertising is becoming more effective over time.

Of course, the major variable for any ad performance is the strength of the creative idea and there is a wide variation in scores as a result. The RAMetrics data allows us to show the average performances so that we can understand the impact of a range of media factors beyond the creative itself.

We are publishing a series of stories investigating topics such as image versus price, performance by size and position in the paper, which are posted below. Just click on the relevant image and the link will take you to a short analysis and accompanying charts.