Why You Should Advertise With Newspapers

Your advertising euros are precious. You want to put them to the best effect, so why should you advertise with newspapers?

We asked the advertising managers from Ireland’s national newspapers to explain what makes newspapers an effective and dynamic medium for advertising.

Brand Power

“Newspapers are a chosen, purchased media that offer huge coverage (82% of people read newspapers). They facilitate brands with short lead times for advertising (24 hours) to target by title or section of the newspaper. Newspapers, and more importantly Independent Newspapers, are a trusted brand; this offers a platform for your brand to be positioned in a trusted environment.”

Rob Kinsella, Independent Newspapers rkinsella@independent.ie

Extensive Reach

“Newspaper advertising allows you to reach a receptive, guaranteed audience who has actively purchased a product. They engage with this product daily. They trust its sources and believe that the editorial environment adds credibility and legitimacy to the brand being advertised.

It provides the opportunity to target your customer through specific ad placement in relevant sections. Newspaper ads are proven to create traffic, move product and establish brands. Quite simply, newspaper advertising works!”

Aidan Forde, Irish Examiner aidan.forde@examiner.ie

A Unique Relationship

“Over 80% of Irish Adults read a newspaper; far more than our counterparts across Europe. The Irish have a unique relationship with their newspaper of choice; they value their time with it, they have paid for it, they have interacted with a real person to buy it – they have personal investment in it.

Newspapers provide a platform to infiltrate this head space and create a powerful opportunity to connect.”

Karl Byrne, Associated Newspapers karl.byrne@assocnews.ie

Highly Effective

“Newspaper advertising is highly effective, measured and targeted. Through The Irish Times reader panel of over 2,000 readers, The Irish Times can measure how our advertisements and articles are read, understood and acted upon. Our average advertisement recall since the start of 2011 is 56%, and our average purchase intention is 14% of those who saw the advertisement.”

Aidan Bolger, The Irish Times abolger@irishtimes.com

3 Million People Can’t Be Wrong

“Irish people have a special affinity with their newspapers. Even at a time when all brands are under extreme financial pressure, nearly 3 million people (over 80%) still read a newspaper. Advertisers continue to use our title, quite simply because it works.”

Andrew McDermott, Sunday World andrew.mcdermott@sundayworld.com

Start a National Conversation

“Newspapers provide the perfect environment to provoke a national conversation about current issues, allowing advertisers to reach millions of readers and to target key opinion formers. The newspaper is the original social media.”

David Monaghan, News International david.monaghan@newsint.ie

A Portfolio of Quality Products

“Newspapers give a voice to the community, and are trusted by their readers.  Brands have an opportunity to tap into this very personal relationship and receive credibility by association.  According to research carried out for Mirror Group in 2011, our readers see ads as providing a service rather than interfering with the user experience. When it comes to building brands there is no medium like print.

However, newspapers are adapting to the changing media landscape.  As an industry we are developing new channels all the time through digital, e-editions and social media, all the while providing a portfolio of quality printed products for our readers.”

Peter Barry, Mirror Group Ireland peter.barry@irishmirror.ie

Niche Targeting

“The Sunday Business Post is second to none when it comes to the reporting, analysing and commenting on economic and political issues that affect Ireland. It is a niche title that is specifically aimed at those involved as key decision makers in business. Subsequently it has a very high percentage of consumers in the ABC1 social category, which makes it ideal for advertisers to re-enforce a message with this vital social group.”

Alistair Lewis, The Sunday Business Post alewis@sbpost.ie

Proven Results

“So why use press? Reach, flexibility, immediacy, credibility and engagement are just some reasons. More importantly however are results. Numerous recent case-studies have shown how press advertising improves brand equity and increases sales. For example, print added to a TV and digital mix will deliver significantly better results than TV and digital alone.”

Neil Walsh, Irish Daily Star neil.walsh@thestar.ie

No Bounce

“You should advertise with newspapers because readers take time out to read the paper. There is no facility to turn off, turn down, skip or pause.”

John Grogan, Irish Farmers Journal jgrogan@farmersjournal.ie