NewsBrands Ireland Statement – 9% VAT Rate Retention

NewsBrands Ireland welcomes today’s announcement that the 9% VAT rate on newspapers is to be retained.

Ireland is one of 21 European countries that apply a reduced rate (0 to 10%) of VAT to newspapers in recognition of their unique role in the democratic process.

Newspapers, as primary generators of news, provide a valuable public service role. The industry currently employs several thousand people and is investing in the development of a successful and sustainable digital press market which will drive jobs and growth in the digital economy.  NewsBrands Ireland has also invested thousands in education at secondary level through Press Pass, an initiative devised to address concerns raised about declining literacy levels in Ireland.

In maintaining the 9% rate of VAT, NewsBrands Ireland is delighted that the Government has confirmed its support for the valuable contribution made by the Irish newspaper industry.