NNI Journalism Awards 2013 Announced

The 2013 NNI Journalism Awards will include four new categories, bringing the total number of categories that are open to entry to 19.

The four new categories are News Reporter of the Year, Foreign Coverage, News Analysis and Campaign of the Year.

Following a significant increase in entries last year, the judging panel has also been expanded this year. This year’s panel is made up of 16 experienced journalists, including four new members – Fiona Wynne, Heidee Martin, Ger Walsh and Ian Mallon.

Announcing the NNI Journalism Awards for 2013, NNI Chairman Matt Dempsey said “Last year’s entry was up 10 per cent on the first year and we expect an even higher level of entry this year.

“NNI newspapers employ over 2,000 editorial staff. Every day these talented journalists produce quality and diverse content. The main reason that people buy newspapers, visit newspaper websites, access e-papers and download newspaper apps is that nobody delivers content like newspaper journalists.

“When it comes to insight, depth, credibility, colour, carefully researched and expertly written news, analysis and opinion, nothing comes close to newspaper journalism and these awards allow us to celebrate the best of that journalism and the finest exponents of the craft,” concluded Mr Dempsey.

The 2013 categories that are open to entry are:

Regional Journalism of the Year

Feature Writer of the Year

Columnist/Commentator of the Year

Newspapers in Education Initiative/Supplement

Young Journalist of the Year

Sports Columnist of the Year

Sports Reporter of the Year

Business & Economics Journalist of the Year

Political Journalist of the Year

Showbiz Story of the Year

Critic of the Year

Scoop of the Year

Best Design & Presentation

Best Headline of the Year

Crime and Security Reporter of the Year

Foreign Coverage (new)

News Analysis (new)

News Reporter (new)

Campaign of the Year (new)

Special Awards

National Journalist of the Year (will be a winner of at least one other category)

Outstanding contribution to the Newspaper Industry

The 2013 judging panel:

Michael Brophy (Chairman), Chief Executive, Independent News & Media Northern Ireland

PJ Cunningham, former Deputy Editor, Sunday Tribune and Evening Herald

Michael Denieffe, Group Managing Editor, Independent Newspapers

Aine Hegarty, Editor, Irish Sunday Mirror

James Laffey, Editor, Western People

Mairead Lavery, Editor, Irish Country Living (part of Irish Farmers Journal) and Irish Country Magazine

Neil Leslie, Managing Editor, Sunday World

Ian Mallon, Operations Editor, Irish Independent and Independent.ie

Heidee Martin, Assistant Night Editor, Irish Daily Mail and Night Editor, Irish Mail on Sunday

Michael McNiffe, former Editor, The Irish Sun

Fintan O’Toole, Assistant Editor and Columnist, The Irish Times

Brenda Power, Columnist, Irish Daily Mail and The Sunday Times

Danny Smyth, Senior Deputy Editor, Irish Daily Star

Tim Vaughan, Editor, Irish Examiner

Michael Wolsey, Editorial Director, CNS & former Deputy Editor, Irish Independent

Ger Walsh, Chief Executive, Independent Newspapers Regional Newspapers

Fiona Wynne, Assistant Editor, The Irish Sun

Articles first published in an NNI title between 1 September 2012 and 31 August 2013 are eligible for entry. Full category and entry details are available on the NNI Journalism Awards website.

Entries can be made via the website between 17 June 2013 and 16 September 2013.

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