NNI Highlights Importance of Copyright Protection in Further Submission to Copyright Review Group

NNI made a further detailed submission to the Copyright Review Group in June on its consultation paper on copyright and innovation.  The submission examined the role and value of copyright to the newspaper industry, the financial contribution made by the industry and the threat to thousands of jobs if publishers cannot rely on copyright protection for their content.

Our submission once again refuted the damaging mis-conception referred to in the review terms of reference that portrayed copyright as a “barrier to innovation.”   Copyright law exists not to obstruct innovation/creativity, but to protect it.

The thousands of people employed in the creative industries who create original content for newspapers, TV, film, music, software etc depend on that protection and, without it, their work will have no value..

Irish newspaper publishers are investing millions in creating quality content written by some of the best writers and journalists in the world.  Without adequate copyright protection, particularly in the online sphere, that investment will no longer be viable, a view confirmed by the European Commissioner for  Education, Culture, Multilingualism and Youth, Ms Androulla Vallisiiou.

….. copyright underpins investment in quality editorial content.

“…. Nowadays new business models allow bringing copyright-protected works to much larger audiences. But all too often news content developed and financed by newspaper publishers ends up being used by third parties as an added value for their commercial services.

“On this, I am firmly of the opinion that news aggregators and technology platforms need to respect newspaper copyright on the Internet.”

May 2012, address to ENPA General Assembly

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