How to Book an Ad in a Newspaper

How to Book an Ad in a Newspaper

You understand your business and target market better than anyone else. When you are planning an advertising campaign (or even a single ad) you should match the target for your ad/s with the readership of a newspaper or several newspapers.

The JNRS is a comprehensive national readership survey that provides useful information about the readership of each national newspaper and about regional newspapers more generally. This information includes demographic and geographical information about the breakdown of readership of each national newspaper. You can review topline information from the latest JNRS report here.

Your next step should be to review your budget and decide how to make the most of it.  At this point you may wish to speak to a representative from the newspaper/s that you are most interested in advertising with. You can contact an advertising manager through the contact details that you’ll find here. They’ll provide more information about the specific environment provided by their newspaper and they’ll help you to book the most effective ad for your business.

Whether your focus is national or local, newspapers have the market covered.

Three Steps to Successful Advertising

1. Refer to the most recent Joint National Readership Survey (JNRS) to establish which newspapers are most suitable for your marketing campaign. Review JNRS 2013 here.

2. Contact the newspapers directly to discuss the best options for you and make your booking. Find contact information for each of our members here.

3. Review advertising specifications and delivery information for the newspapers that you plan to advertise with to ensure that your advert is supplied correctly. You can review information for each of our member newspapers here.