JNRS 2012/2013: Breakfast Briefing for Media Planners and Buyers

August 28th 2013, 8.30am

Maldron Hotel, Cardiff Lane, Dublin 2

RSVP to Anna: aclarke@cullencommunications.ie by August 21st


The new JNRS 2012/2013 will be released on Friday, August 30th. In advance of the release of the report, NNI will hold a breakfast briefing for media planners and buyers.

JNRS 2012/2013 is the first readership report of its kind to include figures for print and digital readership of newspapers. In addition to topline information, the report includes a wealth of valuable information that helps to inform us about who reads specific formats and how they access that content.

An entirely new methodology was used to capture this information and, as a result, the data provided by this report cannot be compared directly with that provided in any previous reports.

NNI will hold a breakfast briefing on August 28th during which the research providers, Millward Brown, will explain the changes in methodology and how these changes impact upon your interpretation of JNRS figures. In addition, Millward Brown will provide insights from their research in advance of the release of the full report.