Irish Daily Star

Circulation (Jan – June 2016): 53,945

Readership (JNRS 2014/2015): 310,000 (print only); 326,000 (print & online)


Irish Daily Star

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Dublin 1

Tel: 01 490 1228

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Glen Brereton, Advertising Manager:

Mechanical Data:

Page Type Area: 267 x 333mm

Columns to Page: 7

Column Length: 341mm

Column Width:

Col 1: 36mm

Cols 2: 74mm

Cols 3: 113mm

Cols 4: 151mm

Cols 5: 190mm

Cols 6: 228mm

Cols 7: 267mm

Half Page: 170mm x 267mm (7 cols)

Quarter Page: 170mm x 113mm (3 cols)

Mechanical Data Star Time:

Page Type Area: 210 x 297mm (A4) 3mm bleed/10mm trim

Half Page Vertical 270mm x 90mm

Half Page Landscape: 130mm x 180mm

Copy Instructions:

All ad copy should be accompanies by copy instructions, this also includes repeat instructions.

Fax: +353 1 490 7425

Copy Email:

All ad copy must be sent via Quickcut or as an ADS file. If you have a problem providing one of the above formats, there are designates clearing houses that will convert your copy and send it to us as we do not accept live Quark files with fonts and images.

Alternatively, we will accept an Illustrator eps saved as version 6 with fonts outlined; a Photoshop eps saved as CMYK/Greyscale at 200 dpi with no jpeg encoding; a Quark EPS, making sure all fonts are embedded. Any image placed in any of these file formats should be saved as CMYK/Greyscale and not exceed 200 dpi, keeping the file size to a minimum. We cannot accept LZW compression on bitmap tiff files or jpegs. All colour ads should be accompanied by a colour proof for printing reference.