How Many People In Ireland Read Newspapers?

Four out of five adults in Ireland read a newspaper regularly and one out of two adults read a newspaper daily. You can view the most recent Joint National Readership Research Survey (JNRS) here.

I run a retail business and I would like to stock newspapers. How do I go about arranging for newspapers to be supplied to my business?

There are two main distributors of newspapers: EM Distribution and Newspread. You can contact them at the details below:

EM News Distribution

Dublin office – Tel: +353 1 802 3200

Email: dublin.customer.enquiries@emnewsdistribution.ie

Belfast office – Tel: 0845 200 7648

Email: belfast.customer.service.administration@emnewsdistribution.com

Newspread Limited

from Republic of Ireland – Tel: +353 23 886 3850

from Northern Ireland – Tel: 0845 491 6527

Email: custservices@newspread.ie

Do you take bookings for advertising with your member newspapers?

NNI represents our members in the capacity of an industry body. We don’t sell advertising on behalf of any of our members. We suggest you contact the individual newspapers to discuss advertising with them. You will find contact details for each of our newspaper members here.

Can you circulate my press release to your members?

NNI represents our members in the capacity of an industry body. We have no influence or involvement on editorial and do not circulate press releases on behalf of other parties to any of our members.

How can I book an advert with a newspaper?

For information about how to book advertising in a newspaper see our advertising section here.