Entry Criteria


The NNI ‘Press Ad of the Month’ competition will take place each calendar month.

To be eligible for that month’s competition, an ad must have been published in at least one NNI title during that month.

The closing date for entries will be two weeks after the last working day of the month, e.g. for June competition (last day of month is Wednesday 30 June) the deadline will be Wednesday 14 July.

Ads of all shapes and sizes are eligible.

The competition is open to agency and non-agency (direct) entries.

In the case of campaigns, ads may be entered individually as they appear (by month), or collectively as a series. In the latter case, entrants should wait until all executions have been published before entering the work as a campaign.

Ads that were created abroad (e.g. by a parent agency) and ‘imported’ to Ireland for publication may be entered, however as per the entry form, the creative team responsible for art, copy etc must be named.

All entries must adhere to the ASAI’s code of standards – any ad that is subject to an upheld complaint to the ASAI will not be eligible.

Entries must be submitted digitally only (see ‘entry guidelines’) – no hard copy entries will be accepted.

Entries may be submitted more than once if they are published in more than one calendar month, e.g. if an ad is published in June and again in July it may be entered in both of those monthly competitions.

NNI reserves the right to use all entries for promotional/display purposes.