About the Awards


Every day, our newspapers are full of great examples of the craft of press advertising…

Full page ads that stop you in your tracks. Page killers that keep catching the eye while you’re reading your favourite columnist. Cunning little two- and three-column ads that hint at and eventually make you turn back for a second look.

These kind of ads remind our advertisers that newspapers are a powerful, distinctive medium with a range of unique strengths.

  • The ability to reach out to a mass audience – or focus on a very specific one
  • The space to explain things properly, get into the sort of detail that other media cannot handle
  • The loyalty and engagement of readers who see ‘their’ newspaper as an integral part of their day
  • The variety of news, analysis, opinion – not to mention all the supplements, magazines and inserts – that provide such a relevant advertising environment
  • And of course, the creative canvas that enables agencies and advertisers to demonstrate the amazing power of press

These ads all have a place in the lives of the 3.1 million people around Ireland who pick up a copy of their favourite newspaper every week and immerse themselves in that warm, familiar environment.

They make everyone happy. They make our newspapers look good. They make products, services and brands look good. And they make our readers… look.

The NNI Press Ad of the Month awards are designed to celebrate and showcase the best ads that appear in our newspapers each month.

In handing out monthly honours we’ll also build up a body of outstanding work that will compete for the NNI ‘Press Ad of the Year’ awards.

So… over to you. Agencies, media shops, direct advertisers, if you think your latest press ad is good enough, we think it deserves a shot.

Let’s see what you’ve got going on.