2013 JNRS – Readership

Combined Print & Digital FigureCombined Print & Digital %Print Figures (‘000)Print %Digital Figures (‘000)Digital %
Any Newspaper301683.9289680.649013.6
Any Daily223562.220475740111.2
Any Sunday214459.7210158.51353.8
Daily Titles
Irish Independent66618.557215.91303.6
The Irish Times38510.73148.71203.3
Irish Examiner2296.42156200.5
Irish Daily Star3539.83499.750.1
Irish Daily Mirror2627.32557.1110.3
Irish Sun (Mon-Sat)3499.73449.6130.4
Irish Daily Mail2296.42035.6320.9
The Herald3038.42998.350.1
Sunday Titles
Sunday Independent96226.892425.7691.9
Sunday World74020.673620.5110.3
Sunday Business Post14341353.8140.4
The Sunday Times41111.438710.8401.1
Irish Sunday Mirror1624.51604.530.1
Irish Mail on Sunday359103539.8120.3
Irish Sun (Sunday)2687.52667.490.3
Irish Farmers Journal2607.22597.220.1

The Joint National Readership Survey (JNRS) is the most definitive and respected benchmark in determining the buying and selling of advertising space in the newspaper media in Ireland.

It is Ireland’s largest random probability survey, with a sample of 7,000. It contains a vast amount of information on demographics and make up of the population.

For information on how to access the complete set of JNRS data through Telmar software please contact Anna Clarke  Email:aclarke@cullencommunications.ie